Blood is Thicker than Water

When people say blood is thicker than water, what comes to mind? I come from a very big family, and for me it means that no matter what family sticks together. But I ALWAYS seem to forget that not everyone has the same meaning for that phrase. Therefore not everyone acts as if family comes first. So what does one do when your more loyal than certain people?

This has been a personal struggle for me for many, many years. And I have seen people around me struggle with loyalty in many different aspects as well. I have decided to make a list of what to do when people aren’t loyal to you, even when you have showed them your loyalty.

  1. First things first, Breathe!

When we get bother, upset, mad or angry, we tend to stop breathing for a bit. 

Take a moment to close your eyes and remember to get your breathing back on track. 

This will help in calming down as well.

2. Think before you speak!

There is lots to think about when you find out a person has shown you they aren’t as loyal as you thought. 

So many questions roll around in your heard, why this, and why that.

Try to think positive intent, even if it’s hard. 

Give them the benefit of the dought.

What if they are the type of person that thinks they are right about everything?

“Poor Kathy, she thinks she is right for defending Joe, and he treats her like crap”

Let it be, you know that her defending him will eventually come back around to her.

He will show her once again his true colors, and you will be left saying in your mind, “thats what you get for defending him”.

The thing is, we won’t have all the answers to our why’s, and all we can do is accept it, or at least try to, and move on.

3. Don’t let someone steal your joy!

Is what Kathy said to you worth you being upset all day?

The answer is no. And the honest answer is also no.

Stay positive, keep it moving. If your religious, let god handle it. 

If your not religious then let karma make it’s rounds. 

4. Take it like a grain of Salt!

What size is a grain of salt?

Macro super super itty bitty, ha.

If people aren’t loyal to you, it’s not your fault at all.

The way people act is a reflection of them, not you. 

Why worry about things we can’t control?

5. Lastly, do the Right thing, the right way, and for the right reasons!

Just let that sink in for a bit.

The right thing to do is ignore their actions or words.

The right way to do that is with silence.

The right reason is for your sanity. So that you don’t get worked up, stressed, or bothered.

Remember, not everyone is as loyal as you are.

Your loyalty is one of your many characteristics that not many people have.




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