To Blog or not to Blog?

For the past 3 years I have been trying to become a blogger. Along the road I have stumbled many, many times. I get started, get myself motivated, getting an article in, then nothing. I get discouraged by any little thing such as, laziness, and lack of motivation. I ask myself all the time, who in the world is going to read any of the articles I have up on my blog? I even answer my own question, no one soul. But for some reason I have this burning passion to write, and that keeps me wanting to blog. Anyone else go through that?

Then comes all the other gazillion questions: Where to begin? What to focus on? What do I want from my blog? How can I get myself out there, known? How can I make money?

And many more questions in between.

So what do I do? I google all the questions I have. And after trying to read every link I find, I’m still at square one. I’m still in the unknown world of trying to become a blogger with great content but I don’t know how.

All of this is what causes me to want to give up. But again, there is something inside of me that does not let me give up. And the fact that I like sitting at Starbucks on rainy days with my MacBook looking for reasons to write.

So I am going to continue on, and try to find solid answers to all my questions, and I will come back and try to help as many people as I can.



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