Your Character, Your Book

Are you working on your book? If so, what does your main character look like? What is your book going to be about?

Currently creating my character. She is the best of the best, yet things just keeping happening to her.

Height:  5’4

Weight:  140

Sex:  Female

Age: 27

Birthdate: January (Capricorn)

Birth Place:  Dallas, TX

Hair: Brown

Clothes:  Tight tee’s, skinny jeans cuffed up

Shoes:  flip flops, nike’s

Jewelry: simple 3pc silver set

Financial Status:  wealthy, inheritance

Health: hasseled, stressed, anxiety, depression, weary

Fatal Flaw: she loves too deeply

Mind:  super fast paced, multi-tasker

Face: clear, small

Eyes:  hazel

Build: the perfect coke cola bottle body frame, lol

Imperfections: big calves, broad shoulders

Home: condo in downtown Dallas

Favorite Room: Livingroom

Habits: reading, researching, and drinking wine

Motivation: anything that gets her through the day

Vehicle:  Porshe Cayanne

Name: Dulce Vida

Ethnicity: Latina

Single, with no kids!!!!

*What is my book about?

-She can see, hear, and speak to the dead, spirits, and ghosts

-Her parents died in a car accident when she was 20 years old

-they left her everything, but she could not have access to anything until she is 28 years old

-In the will her parents wanted her to get her life straight on her own by the time she turned 28 to get the inheritance

-She is an only child

-Her parents were filthy rich, her father was the highest paid attorney in the state of Texas

-And her mother was the Sheriff of Dallas County

-She suffers from depression and anxiety

-she tries to keep her personal life secret

-She struggles with men and keeping relationships

-She owns a few business’ left to her by her family

Nana’s coffee shop

Mom’s Thrift Store

Dad’s T-Shirt company

*What are your thoughts on my character and my book idea???


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