The Month of Love

As I have become older, and not younger, I have come to an understanding that celebrating Holidays, and Special Occasions are extremely important to people now more then ever. Growing up, of course my family celebrated the normal holidays. But now days people celebrate everything, and they make it a point to make sure everyone knows about it.

This is really good news for the people that need help in becoming more of a social person. You always hear about all the bad happening around the world, but not so much of the good that happened, big or small. In my hometown of Dallas, TX we are beginning to celebrate even a pizza. National Pizza among others are now causes for celebrations, getting together, hanging, taking pics, and of course posting and sharing on social media.

Valentine’s Day is the day of LOVE, and this year was a big hit as always. But I noticed more this year. It isn’t just for couples anymore, I see different relationships being recognized for the love one has, like child and parent, siblings, grandchild and grandparent, friendships, etc. The month of love is not all about being husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. It has since expanded which is so wonderful to see all over social media and the daily news.

Now lets take a moment to talk about the gifts. Oh my god, the gifts are anything but everything! Jewelry, Clothes, Beauty items, and much, much more. It’s no longer the candy and flowers only type of gift giving. Which makes it so much easier for me to be able to gift and receive. Love is all around us at all times, why not take one day out of the year to share it in any form you can to those you love? Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!!!






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