Rain is Lemonade

In my own little world, my rain is yellow and taste like lemonade. My rain is lemonade that falls when I want it to.┬áBut in the world I currently line in, rain is water that falls from the sky. It falls onto the earth and washes away everything that needs to be washed away. In... Continue Reading →


Chinese Food for the Soul

My favorite food is Chinese food. And I like to look for places that are small, you know, ┬áthose mom and pop type places. I like to spread my money all around. I am also not afraid to try new plates, meet the owners, watch the cooks if possible, and take lots of pics of... Continue Reading →

Everything & Nothing

Has anyone wanted to do so many things, or plan lots to do, then end up doing nothing? Have you ever planned out a To Do list for the upcoming vacation time you have off work. Then on the last vacation day you realize nothing on the To Do list was done? My mind has... Continue Reading →

Back in Business

I disappeared for a while, not that I was missed, lol. I had a tragic health scare that really woke me up from the rut I was in. It doesn't seem like my life has changed, but to me it has. But now I am wanting to write about everything. And I thought why not... Continue Reading →


For some reason I woke up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer the day. I also find myself wishing I could feel this way a lot more then just on some Fridays. I even brushed my hair, brushed my teeth and put on some makeup. I feel like I can do anything today, lol.... Continue Reading →

Not sure?

While sitting in a Coffee shop, trying to clear my head and relax some, I find myself listening to other peoples conversations. Not that Im trying to listen to the convo's on purpose but sometimes your radar ears just can't help themselves, right? Well I find it amusing how much we all have in common.... Continue Reading →


Now that I'm getting older Ive become depressed lately. Not being where I want to be in life. Not having the house of my dreams. Not being financially set. I could go on for days. But I find myself looking for that something that can take my depression away. I don't want to be on... Continue Reading →

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