To Blog or not to Blog?

For the past 3 years I have been trying to become a blogger. Along the road I have stumbled many, many times. I get started, get myself motivated, getting an article in, then nothing. I get discouraged by any little thing such as, laziness, and lack of motivation. I ask myself all the time, who... Continue Reading →


Your Character, Your Book

Are you working on your book? If so, what does your main character look like? What is your book going to be about? Currently creating my character. She is the best of the best, yet things just keeping happening to her. Height:  5’4 Weight:  140 Sex:  Female Age: 27 Birthdate: January (Capricorn) Birth Place:  Dallas, TX... Continue Reading →

The Month of Love

As I have become older, and not younger, I have come to an understanding that celebrating Holidays, and Special Occasions are extremely important to people now more then ever. Growing up, of course my family celebrated the normal holidays. But now days people celebrate everything, and they make it a point to make sure everyone... Continue Reading →

New Everything!

Have you ever wondered what motivates people to be better at everything or start something new at the beginning of the year? Could it be that people somehow feel they are getting a fresh start, a new begining, a clean slate? We are about a month into 2018, and I have devoted thought and time... Continue Reading →

Making myself Happy

Being a mother of four children and married, time gets away from me all the time. I had been too busy to realize I was not happy with my life because I was to busy trying to do everything else for everyone else. This year is 2018, and I will be damned if I let... Continue Reading →

Plant & Sip

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Plant & Sip. What is a Plant & Sip, well glad you asked. It is an event that can be done in large groups, the bigger the better. Everyone gathers to drink wine, mingle a little, then sit and plant. The plant part of the... Continue Reading →

Rain is Lemonade

In my own little world, my rain is yellow and taste like lemonade. My rain is lemonade that falls when I want it to. But in the world I currently line in, rain is water that falls from the sky. It falls onto the earth and washes away everything that needs to be washed away. In... Continue Reading →

Chinese Food for the Soul

My favorite food is Chinese food. And I like to look for places that are small, you know,  those mom and pop type places. I like to spread my money all around. I am also not afraid to try new plates, meet the owners, watch the cooks if possible, and take lots of pics of... Continue Reading →

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