Raising Cane 

I’m so excited to share this news with you, I have finally purchased the dog I have always wanted. Meet Cane, an Old English Bulldog! Today he is 10 weeks old, I got him when he was 7 weeks old. So for the past 3 weeks he has been just a joy to have. He... Continue Reading →


October means Halloween 

For some reason I can’t remember Halloween growing up. Well, at least not a lot of it should I say. There were times when I would make my own costume out of whatever I could find at home. But for the most part, I really liked Halloween. I guess you could say I like everything about... Continue Reading →

Craft of the Month: Fall Wreath

Holidays are quickly approaching, which means, holiday décor. This was actually my first time making this type of fall wreath, but it was fun to see it all come together. First stop, Dollar Tree. I strolled around and found a few things to make the wreath. 1 wooden wreath 4 different bunches of flowers 1... Continue Reading →

MakeUp Review: L.A. Girl Foundation

MakeUp Review: L.A. Girl Foundation in the shade Natural (orangeish undertone) First Impression: Bottle is simple but cute  Bottle Reads: PRO Coverage, High Definition, long wear, illuminating foundation My opinion is that everything to that is TRUE! Right away the top comes off easy, and you get a lot of foundation that comes out on... Continue Reading →

Blood is Thicker than Water

When people say blood is thicker than water, what comes to mind? I come from a very big family, and for me it means that no matter what family sticks together. But I ALWAYS seem to forget that not everyone has the same meaning for that phrase. Therefore not everyone acts as if family comes first. So what does... Continue Reading →

To Blog or not to Blog?

For the past 3 years I have been trying to become a blogger. Along the road I have stumbled many, many times. I get started, get myself motivated, getting an article in, then nothing. I get discouraged by any little thing such as, laziness, and lack of motivation. I ask myself all the time, who... Continue Reading →

Your Character, Your Book

Are you working on your book? If so, what does your main character look like? What is your book going to be about? Currently creating my character. She is the best of the best, yet things just keeping happening to her. Height:  5’4 Weight:  140 Sex:  Female Age: 27 Birthdate: January (Capricorn) Birth Place:  Dallas, TX... Continue Reading →

The Month of Love

As I have become older, and not younger, I have come to an understanding that celebrating Holidays, and Special Occasions are extremely important to people now more then ever. Growing up, of course my family celebrated the normal holidays. But now days people celebrate everything, and they make it a point to make sure everyone... Continue Reading →

New Everything!

Have you ever wondered what motivates people to be better at everything or start something new at the beginning of the year? Could it be that people somehow feel they are getting a fresh start, a new begining, a clean slate? We are about a month into 2018, and I have devoted thought and time... Continue Reading →

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